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Southland Sanitize is a regional supplier of specialty chemicals for industrial cleaning, including peracetic acid (PAA).
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Southland Sanitize is a regional supplier of specialty chemicals for industrial cleaning, including peracetic acid (PAA).

Peracetic acid, also known as peroxyacetic acid, is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid in an equilibrium solution. PAA is scalable and has unique environmental benefits, which makes it an excellent cost effective disinfectant, sterilizer and water treatment for commercial food processing facilities.

About Peracetic Acid

Peracetic Acid PAA

Peracetics are highly soluble and easily oxidizing agents. PAA is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi, even at low concentrations and low temperatures. It takes about 100x as much hydrogen peroxide to achieve the same impact as PAA! Germs cannot build resistance to PAA, so it will remain effective use after use.

Southland Sanitize distributes PAA from Best Sanitizers, is an industry leader in the production of peracetic acid. We offer a variety of PAA concentrations, optimized for different uses in the food production and processing industry.

The varied concentrations are employed for chemical synthesis, bleaching, cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization across diverse industries including food and beverages, contaminated environment cleaning and sanitization and petroleum and gas production.

A powerful and sustainable sanitizer: Peracetic Acid

The food processing industry has been confronted by two trends recently: Increasing standards on disinfection as well as increasing scrutiny on environmental protection. The peracetic acid (PAA) sold by Southland Sanitize is a colorless, soluble organic formulation with a range of concentrations.

PAA is a sustainable solution for food grade sanitization because it decomposes into only environmentally harmless chemicals: Water, oxygen and biodegradable acetic acid.

PAA is a Sanitizer, Disinfectant and Sterilizer

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In addition to being powerful and environmentally friendly, PAA can be used to sanitize, disinfect and sterilize. PAA sanitizes by lowering germ levels to food-safe amounts. It disinfects by killing harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, and PAA sterilizes by removing absolutely any microorganisms on which it is used.

Frequently Asked Questions About PAA

Who produces peracetic acid?

Southland Sanitize is a regional distributor for PAA produced by Best Sanitizers. There are as many as 20 identified peracetic acid chemical manufacturers with locations throughout the U.S. You can buy PAA from Southland Sanitize here.

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What is a peracetic acid used for?

Peracetic acid eliminates many contaminants and microbes. Its primary function is to sanitize wet environments. It is very powerful when it comes to environmental remediation and the full destruction of micro organisms. It can also be used to treat wastewater contamination and overall eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi in a variety of industries.

How is peracetic acid made?

PAA is derived from an interaction between acids and peroxides. Commercial PAA products are usually mixed with aqueous solutions with stabilizers sometimes added.

What can peracetic acid destroy?

Peracetic Acid inhibits Gram-positive bacteria & yeast in just a minute at 100 ppm. It can also kill viruses, fungi and spores.

About Our Company

Southland Sanitize is a small business headquartered in Bogart, Georgia. We are committed to ensuring food safety at the microbial level in your facility. Contact us at 800-608-3755 or by emailing Learn more about PAA here.