Alpet E4 Industrial Hand Cleaner


Alpet E4 Industrial Hand Cleaner

Alpet E4 Industrial Hand Cleaner

Alpet E4 is a gentle and durable skin cleanser for your visitors' and workers' hands. Packaged in a case of 6 1250 mL cartridges, Alpet E4 arrives ready to use and remove stubborn substances like paint and oil. Simply apply the soap to the hands, run through water and pat dry with a towel. An industrial hand cleaner like Alpet E4, works best for jobs that involve sticky residues such as grease. Keep your employees and visitors feeling clean and stain-free with a cleaner like Alpet E4.

Dispensers are sold separately but pair with any 1250 mL cartridge for easy dispensing.

Alpet E4 is:

  • A medium to heavy duty hand cleaner

  • Grit & solvent free

  • Gentle liquid

  • Fragrance-free

Suitable for jobs involving grease, oil, paint and tar residues:

  • Mechanics & Technicians

  • Warehouse plants

  • Hydraulic Facility

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Alpet E4 industrial hand cleaner is the ideal soap for jobs that involve tough adhesives. The solvent-free solution is designed to remove dirt and eliminate grease with a gentle rinse through running water. Alpet E4 is not recommended for food processing facilities.

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

As a medium to heavy duty hand cleaner, Alpet E4 guarantees to assist in the removal of oil, tar, paints and other greasy matter. Its smooth liquid consistency will leave your hands feeling cleaner and softer than ever. Unlike hand wipes, Alpet E4 won't leave a sticky consistency behind.

It's no secret that your workers perform labor intensive jobs to satisfy your customers. Yet, have you thought about the potential damage left behind on their hands in the process?

Studies have shown that mechanics' hands can be described as "medical literature." According to BMC Rheumatology, cracks between the crevices of their palms are a cause for concern of disease relapse. Another public health informant, Health Day, explains the difficult conditions that workers around hydraulics face. While eye injuries tend to be the most common in the field, damages to the hands are nearly as brutal. Reports have shown that 28% of mechanics sustain more than 20 cuts on their hands each year. Almost half (46%) of mechanics and technicians develop a skin condition known as eczema. As a result of handling solvents, pipes, fiberglass and other irritants, the condition of their skin declines over years in the industry.

There is a simple solution to clean and protect their hands. Alpet E4 industrial cleaner can navigate through grime and help prevent hand damage.

Alpet E4 Industrial hand cleaner functions best when paired with a dispenser. Dispensers perform easy mechanics and work as a system for convenient dispensing of the soap. These dispensers fit our 1250 mL cartridges.

VersaClenz Manual and Touchless Dispensers.

Manual Wrist-Activated Dispenser.

Adjustable Floor Stand.

AutoMyst 2 Touchless.

What is industrial hand cleaner?

An industrial hand cleaner is a powerful cleaner that is used to remove tough grease and grime from the hands and workspace quickly.

What's the difference between hand cleaners and hand sanitizers?

A hand cleaner consists of a liquid, soap material instead of a gel consistency used in sanitizers. Our industrial hand cleaner is formed with water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, PEG-8, Laureth-5, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Styrene/acrylic copolymer, 2-Brumo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol and Blue 1. Meanwhile, Alpet hand sanitizers are based on an isopropyl and ethanol additives. Hand sanitizers are able to kill germs, while Alpet E4 and other hand soaps are best to clean and remove grime from hands.

Both product categories are effective for clean hands.

Can you buy this product in bulk?

Yes! Alpet E4 industrial cleaner is sold in a case of 6 at a price of $172. Stock up your facility by purchasing in bulk at a wholesale price, which is lower than adding each cart item every few months. For even larger orders, contact Brad Broxton at

What steps should I take if this product gets in my mouth or eyes?

Contact to sensitive parts of the body may result in a stinging feeling or slight irritation. This irritation is treatable. If contact has been made with the eyes, a convenient and fast solution would be gently rinsing the eye with running water as soon as possible. It may take 15 to 20 minutes to remove dirt and soap from the eye. If inhaled or swallowed, get some fresh air and breathe slowly.

If conditions still persist, call your doctor for medical attention.

Alpet E4 industrial hand cleaner is fresh and safely formulated for its consumers with normal to sensitive skin. We conduct a thorough search to make sure that our cleaners can perform a high capacity job and are safe for our customers.

  • For questions or concerns regarding ingredients contained in the solution click here.
  • Alpet E4 is a certified product acceptable for use as industrial hand cleaners.
  • First aid measures and safety protocols for Alpet E4 are found here.